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One of my most, challenging but also most rewarding jobs was teaching Key Skills and GCSE Art to kids in a special school; 12-16year olds who have social, learning and behavioural difficulties. Art can have such a positive impact on young people, its a pity its not delivered to every child these days. It's as important to learn to think creatively as it is to add up and Art is sometimes the only way that people can truly express themselves, it builds skills, confidence and restores a bit of pride.

Art is of course a wonderful therapy for these kids, although trying to dig out their confidence to give it a go can be a trial in itself.

Many young children miss out on time spent with a box of crayons or pencils and colouring book in favour of electronic devices, computers and TV.

All kids are special of course!! and they all love to paint, draw or make.

this is the best time to develop basic skills for the future, when they are less inhibited by what others think.

i love working with kids and art is about thinking things though, working out shapes and attaining control with had eye co-ordination.

I was asked to delive a drawing workshop with children in a primary school in Benwell, they were learning about Greys Monument. At first I thought it was a tricky subject for children aged 6-7 yrs old to tackle, however I broke the drawing down into shapes, used a ruler to measure and a line of symetry (cross curricular with maths) and we had a great time producing these. There were about 30 finished drawings in total, all as individual as the children who created them.

Drawing and Painting is a skill, and all children need to develop some simple skills in preparation of the many of life's challenges that lie ahead. Focusing the mind and hands on creativity has an amazing calming effect on everyone, and especially hyper-active children. 

Hopefully for those that struggle with academic subjects such as Maths and Science may have more success with some 'hands on' creativity. I like to think my inspiration may encourage some of tthese kids that Art and Design at school can be a way forward to a care as a Designer, Sculpter or Artist of some form,

I'd like to share some of their work with you as I'm so proud of their achievements. Well done to those that successfully gain a GCSE in Art.

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