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Sorry out of stock...... sadly due to poor exchange and increased taxes on imported goods Im not importing brushes right now. Hoping to order again when the market and exchange improves. Brexit may provide better opportunities for Funny Brushes. watch this space!!

The Funny Brushes have been a huge success for 40 years in the USA for their inventor Steve Lesnick an award winning artist of Lesnick Art Products, Nevada USA. These magic brushes have been around making happy painters since 1973. This well respected Painter for many years has achieved many awards for his work. Most recently he won $5000 in a prestigious competition to design the Nevada centennial medal from 200 entrants. I'm honoured and privileged to be able to sell his amazing product here in the UK. a product I believe in and have used for almost a decade in my own work.

Beginner, Amateur and Professional Artists have found these brushes an indispensable painting tool, they have become an essential piece of a Painters kit, valued as much as any quality paintbrush.

These brushes are Not as "Silly" as they first appear, not a gimmick with their "quirky" appearance they can be difficult to take as a tool for the serious painter. However once they spring into life on your paper or canvas..they become very "Clever" little brushes creating the spontaneous painting marks you've long tried to achieve. I have used them with great effect now for almost a decade. Whoever said painting has to be serious? have fUN.

"Its just rubber bands in a tube" I hear you say, then I've seen people trying to recreate it by tying rubber bands together in a bunch...umm!! Well that's about as successful as cutting some hair off the dogs tail and fixing it to a stick and calling it a paint really wouldn't expect to get the same good results and performance. They haven't been a hit and sold for so long in America for nothing.

"The Funny Brush" all the way from Nevada USA, only available from Carol's Art here in the UK.

For multi purchases and postage please contact me.

As a Professional painter, I've tried many brushes, but nothing quite like these. Due the springy rubber bristles no two brush strokes are the same, and unlike other stippling brushes made from hair or bristle the rubber bristles spring & bounce into a different position with every dab, flick, or bounce!..

As an experienced tutor, I know the problem areas in learning to paint; the foreground & Tree Foliage are often big problem areas. Say goodbye to hours of careful painting ruined by over-doing the foliage, foreground or grasses, and put the FUN back into painting with the Funny Brushes.

Painting tips!

The rubber bristles will spring onto action making spontaneous marks for foliage,grasses, flowers hair, fur, rough ground surfaces, tree bark, waves, has endless uses .

In this painting I used the red Funny brush to mask out the snow in these trees. then the same brush to stipple in snow shadow. The green and blue brushes used for grasses and red for foliage.

Hints & Tips for use.

Hair / Fur

Flicking paint using the blue or green brushes to create great fur & hair on animals or people


funnybrush tipsDABBING and SCUFFING the paint onto the surface creates realistic foliage without over doing it!! Ideal for adding ivy coverage to trees trunks wall climbers too.Use the different sizes of brush to give a varying effects.


!STIPPLE! FLICK !SCRATCH! SPLODGE!DAB! BOUNCE! joking aside its as easy at that!

Water & rough surfaces (paths roads etc)

Funny Brush ( water techniques)

FLICKING from side to side to create waves or rippling movement in water. Dab with the small bristle to create sea spray and splashes


Loading the brush well is the key to success. Due to rubber being non absorbent these brushes wont suck up the paint, so...Watercolour Swirl the brush into the paint to lock the colour between the rubber bristles, even very wet paint can be used and wet in wet techniques too. With thick mediums such as Acrylic and Oil paints try not to get a big thick clot of paint on the end of the brush..or that's what you will put down, pick up a little paint then dab onto a clean palette area to work the paint into the bristles so they are well coated.

Then bounce, roll, scrape and swirl the brush across your paper or canvas. "Easy Peezy Dab, flick, swirl or splodge....its that simple".

Enjoy and Explore the endless possibilities within the brush range. Water, trees, flowers,bushes, stones, branches, grasses, rough footpaths.. its endless and easy.

I have used them with Soft pastels too push the pastel around.


Simply swish the brushes in clean water then blot and dab onto a clean dry cloth or kitchen paper. If a heavier medium is used add a little mild detergent to warm water and loosen the paint with your fingers or brush scubber before rinsing and dabbing dry.

I do sometimes leave my brushes floating in my pot for short periods when working with Acrylic and Water-soluble Oils just make sure you dab them well before reloading to remove any excess water that may have accumulated in the shaft of the brush.

Never pull at the bristles..I know you're curious but treat them kindly like the rest of your kit and they'll last you a lifetime. I've been using the same demo brushes for years.

Never use Thinners. Thin oil paint in the brush heads with baby or cooking oil, wipe clean then wash in mild warm detergent.

Never allow masking fluid to dry on the bristles. they are brilliant to mask with but use the same care routine as other brushes. However IF you do end up with a stuck up brush, pull the masl out of it which will still leave it a little bit sticky. A little pure soap rubbed through the rubbers will spring those bristles back to life. these are the only brushes you cant kill with masking.


Dry thoroughly before storing away Never leave in strong heat or sunlight, or cold for that matter as this can harden and deteriorate rubber.

Why not Book an Art Club Demo or workshop and try them for yourself.

PLEASE NOTE this product is not a toy!! Due to the small parts adult supervision is advised with children.

Call, text or email to discuss an Art Club demonstration or workshop.. 07916289501 or use the contact page on this website . To purchase a set of Funny Brushes complete an order form ( by request) and send a cheque for £14.95 plus £1.50 p&p or buy here on line with Pay Pal. Bacs details by request.

Please allow 7 days for delivery . Next day delivery can be arranged at cost


Funny brushes are fun for all of the family but PLEASE NOTE this product is not a toy!! Due to the small parts adult supervision is advised with very young children. 

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