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Ive always been a bit of a 'tree hugger' !! I love trees, especially the great big old ones with twisted knarled bark. I always think they live so long and must have seen so many changes... I wish they could talk. I love painting them too .

So it seemed a natural progression from my Seaglass and wire baskets to venture into trees. I have tried keeping Bonsai trees a couple of times and haven't been very successful. I love the fact they have the old characteristics but are only small. Plus you can keep a real old tree in your house . 

My glass trees are maintenance free, no pruning or feeding or restricting of roots.

They come is 3 sizes (heights) Small 10cms, Medium 15cm and Large 20cm . sizes are approximate as hand made things do vary slightly and twisted wire is difficult to measure with precision. These sizes are guides only .

Prices depend on materials time and glass colour. Some colours are more rarer than others. They start at £25, £35. & £45 for standard wire trees with Green or White glassand they are beautiful you can see them in the images below.

RAINBOW trees only come in small sizes due to rarer coloured glass

BESPOKE NATURE TREES are "One Offs' and are priced individually depending on size, materials and complexity.

They are all mounted in Sea Pebbles or glass and onto Driftwood, Stone or Slate.

Wires come in a choice of Champagne, Silver, Gold, Bronze or Black or Green . They can be made to order so you can custom request wire and glass colour as well as size.

During the coming months, post-covid !! Im going to be running Seaglass Workshops so you can make your own tree or wire basket ( see previous page)...

watch this space for update and my facebook page!!

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