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Art Workshops specifically aimed at Business needs

Would you like the challenge of creating your own artworks for your Office, Factory or workplace?

This could be an exhibition of individual artworks perhaps a watercolour painting workshop followed by an exhibition or competition included.... or maybe a larger Art piece produced by a group/s using large canvas or and Acrylic paints.

These workshops can be tailored to suit your needs and budget, and can if you prefer be held in your own premises. 

Costs are based on and time and material basis.

I've named these events Build it up Days (Team building exercises) Designed to develop cognitive thinking, and improve communication and organisation within a working group. Wind Down Days (Stress Relief) help de-stress and maintain the health and well-being of the management or employees that have been invested in, using our Artistic techniques.


Setting tasks and new experiences in or out of the office can have a positive effect in work. The aim is to highlight the importance of effective communication and team-work, which will encourage good inititive, interpersonal skills and so improve working relationships within a group increasing morale and motivation, builds confidence and creates greater performance and production. 


Lack of motivation, Lethargy, Poor communication and lack of concentration can be signs of stress. The majority of absences from the workplace are stress related. Sickness causing absenteeism can stem from minor headaches or back pain to more series illnesses like heart disease, stroke and depression, these are often linked to stress Therefore it’s important to keep employees healthy in mind as well as in body in order to work at their best.

Art relaxation days may just be what the doctor ordered.

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