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ARTPINNI - MY sorry out of stock! 

Those of you who have watched my demonstrations will probably be familiar with my “I’m an Artist” Apron, (my uniform), has been the source of many amusing comments. My Arty Apron or "Pinny" as we say up here, has an interesting origin, as it started its life with me in Monte Carlo eight years ago & has since developed a bit of its own personality with its individual paints splashes & splats. It has served me well and looking at those splats, has protected my clothes on many an occasion.

I now have had produced my own Painting Apron (artpinni) with the Artist in mind. Like my own, it has two large pockets for your bits & pieces, pencils, eraser, hanky etc...I refrained from adding brush pockets as really even with the apron on, I wouldn’t want to keep loaded brushes in my pockets! The Artpinni is manufactured in a smart black waterproof fabric with and wipe-able cotton textured surface. It has an adjustable neck strap and generous waist ties. It’s also light and comfortable to wear.

Those who attend my classes or demos will know me for my rag/cloth, (usually an old T-Towel ) which is permanently attached to my hip whilst I paint, tucked in a belt or pocket. I use this constantly to dab and blot my brushes and wipe my palette surface, it’s much more environmentally friendly than yards of kitchen roll which disintegrates quickly.. ( I have converted many) so... I have had stitched into my apron double D-rings for the easy attachment of my cloth.

My Artpinni is available direct from myself at demos and classes, here online, or from my studio in Newcastle. It retails at £12.50 plus £2.50 P& P ... you can order by post by sending a cheque made payable to

Carol's art.

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