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angel 5

Ooh Dear! this is the thing about spontaneuos splashes of colour.. its a split second decision...a reaction of that second really..but my aim was a COLOURFUL angel.!! LOL At least it was FUN to do. you could say it brightened my day!! Not sure what to do with it now?

angel 3/4

Salt spatter and painting for fun techniques Stage 3. better try and find my angel in this lot. ( want to keep the colour running through it though!! Its certainly COLOURFUL!!! YIKES!!!!! LOL! FUN!!
My Angel framed an available art for sale at North East Art Collective gallery Eldon Gardens Newcastle

the angel 2

my creative Angel of the North painting, Carols Artstage 2 It looks like I tripped and spilt my paintbox all over my paper!!

the angel in colour

angel of the north ready to paintstage 1 the drawing. The Angel with signpost NORTH ( just incase you don't know where that is) and the scottish coastline further north.. my plan to make this colourful !!

Easter Painting sessions

So...I really must paint.I'm supposed to be an ARTIST!!!  I have just finished two little Northumberland landscapes at the weekend ready to make into prints ahead of Alnmouth Festival..and for summer exhibition in the Gallery...but!!..thats commercial painting and work!! When I paint for me..I like to be a bit more creative about how I tackle normal subjects. I like to express!.. in creative colour!!
My first subject is...well..something we see alot of around here...but it always looks the same...and is not particularly pretty Im going to make a big dirty looking object and make it pretty...can you tell what it is yet???
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