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st peters project final stages

More washes of light red with a tiny touch of ult blue were used over the brick buildings on the left and I used the burnt sienna/ ult blue mix to paint in the windows etc. remove masking around windows.
Adding light washes of the same colour over a previously dried surface with help strengthen the colour gradually. I used this method to adjust the colour of the buildings throughout the painting.
The water has to be painted wet in wet to start with to get the reflective colours going into the water.

st peters blog 3

After painting in your trees using wet in wet methods and blocking in the walls and the buildings in the riverside with a mixes of raw umber, the masking can be removed from the tree trunks a little raw umber and rawumber/blue mixes were fed into the damped trunks from the left, leaving the right sides to catch the sunlight.
The bridge has a base coat of weak yellow ochre applies and then using the stone technique I showed you in class add more texture to the bridge. This will be built up with stronger darker colours as this is in the shade.

st peters project 2nd blog

Next stage.(3)
I Started in the far arch painting in the trees. Painting greens can be an issue with new painters...I have some very simple rules about painting greens so come along to one of my groups or workshops and I will show you how to mix hundreds of greens & browns very simply. ( and NO tubed greens or browns required)
As I progressed forward I increased to brightness and strength of the colour. Keep your greens Bluish and weak in the distance. Ligtly painted the little building under arch two.

St Peters Project DURHAM

This is our painting project from St Peters group South Shields, who meet on a Wednesday morning for 2hours . It is of course Durham City.
First we did the drawing and that took all of our first 2hr session.. it's a lot of drawing but we decided it was important to take our time and get it right...or as right as possible..we wre allowed artistic licence. Art NOT technical drawing class LOL! end of lesson 1
stage/lesson 2
Then after masking one or two tiny bits like lights white railings couple of tree trunks etc.
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st peters project final stages
st peters blog 3
st peters project 2nd blog


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