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"BLAST BEACH" AT SEAHAM . This beach is steeped in history and scars of the mining industry. Slowly Mother Nature is restoring her, meanwhile its an inspiration painting subject just a walk away from my home, and one of my venues for Summer Painting 2019. This watercolour painting is for sale.  

Carol the ART teacher 

"FUN & INFORMATIVE PAINTING".Happy returning learners are evidence to me that my teaching style works. I run relaxed informal sessions with plenty of tea and coffee. Hands on teaching and clear demonstration of techniques makes painting achievable to all. Painting is a skill and skills can be learnt...

My only criteria is it has to be FUN, so a smile and a little laughter are essential. (If you cake bake cakes thats a bonus! lol ).

For those who like official stuff, I'm a qualified (Certificate in Education), and experienced Tutor having been teaching since 1999. I've worked in all kinds of Learning organisations and colleges; with people of all ages and abilities and from all backgrounds. Teaching Painting is something I'm passionate about. i love the process of sharing my knowledge and experiences, demonstrating my techniques and watching new painters getting results that make them smile. 
It a tonic for me and them.

I received a Grade 1 for my Teaching skills working from South Tyneside local authority and received a letter which stated. 
"Grade 1 assessment is a standard reached by very few Adult Learning Tutors. It describes your excellent delivery and is a clear indication of your skills and professionalism. … Your inspirational teaching has the power to change not only lives of your learners but their families, friends and colleagues”

  Whilst it’s nice to get recognition for your dedication and hard work I believe that to be a good teacher you need not only to be skilled at your subject but also a teacher should be' a good communicator, someone who listens as well as talks and relates to others regardless of back grounds. I guess I'm what they call a people's person and I teach a subject that I love so it comes natural to me. 

One of my most, challenging but also most rewarding jobs was teaching Key Skills and GCSE Art to kids in a special school; 12-16year olds who have social, learning and behavioural difficulties.  Art can have such a positive impact on young people, its a pity its not delivered to every child these days. It's as important to learn to think creatively as it is to add up and Art is sometimes the only way that people can truly express themselves, it builds skills, confidence and restores a bit of pride. 

I am a Professional Associate & a Watercolour Ambassador for the SAA. (Society for all Artists)  This is a great organisation and fully supports Learning to Paint in every way...take a look .

I was invited a little while ago to make a film clip for their website showing a painting tip. It was a nerve racking experience, whilst I can teach with ease to a large groups it was quite daunting teaching a man with a camera..and those lights are so bright!! lol 

Here is the link to the page with my Tree Painting tip...hope you find it useful

My tip is also in a book entitled 101 Top Techniques for Artists available from the SAA, it sells for £12.99 and is a very nice book with some great projects inside. available from SAA website.

Demonstrator Carol White. Carols Art Book your demo today.My learners’ come in all ages & abilities. Here is some mini paintings some of my learners produced recently.

 I often undertake art projects within the community and take groups outdoors to paint in summer. There is no better way to unwind than a Picnic and painting session. 

Painting is extremely therapeutic and everyone can learn...All you need is the desire and time to practice. I believe that it's not what you get out of this in the way of a product, but more about the pleasure you get from expressing yourself and taking part, that is most important attribute.

Many people have lives which are affected by difficult circumstances. Social, health or family issues can cause huge stress, and I know Arty sessions help alleviate these situations.

Providing painting sessions for young people undergoing rehabilitation for Drug & Alcohol addictions and delivering Art activities in support centres for women has taught me a lot about some of the real values of painting and Art as a Therapy,

I was full of admiration when I met a special Lady at an Art Club I visited. Katie had suffered from a stroke with severe loss of use to her right side and she never recovered the use of her right arm. Amazingly even though she was right-handed she not only had the courage to take up painting which she had never done before, but she did so using her left hand... I was so impressed with the freedom of her style, her attitude and approach. No pencil marks...just straight on with paint.
Horses are not easy, unless you know the subject well. yet Kate has captured the movement superbly. Great colour too. It really just goes to show what a great and therapeutic activity this is.
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